FondyBOX Software

We have been creating custom built, Customer Requested software for over 20 years! The software on this site is FREE for download and use. We simply ask that you Email Us with any glitches that you find in our software.

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CredMan - Credentials Manager This one is probably 'self explanatory'... Keep up with your creds!!


GunWiz is our newest addition. Check it out! it actually has a built-in database to store your information. If you're one of those that doesn't want someone to see your list of guns, download 'Gun Vault' below...


Do you enjoy movies? Do you have a million but can't keep up with how many, or what you have? Download our robust MOVIE2 application and keep up with your movies from now on. Incluces a robust database! Created with PYTHON (Will run on any computer, not just windows)


Here's a simple PYTHON app to store your Inventory... Download this zip file, extract it, and double click the fbip application file. hint-while the app is running, righ click it in the taskbar and click 'pin to taskbar'...


Gun Vault - you will want to unzip this somewhere other than your desktop... then go to the location where you unzipped the file. open the folder 'Gun Vault' and you will find the 'Gun Vault.exe' file ...Right Click on this file and click on 'Send To'...and select 'Desktop'. This will put a link to the application on your desktop. To view the Updates that you make, go to the unzipped folder location and you will see your GunVault_Data_Year_Month_Day.csv Files.